“Sample Snitching”

Sample snitching is what happens when someone finds the original sample used in a song and basically writes about it or blogs about it or basically just puts it out there for everyone to see.

On HipHop Foundations we don’t hunt for previously unknown samples. The samples we post are already well-known and can usually be found with a quick Google search. While we can’t know if every sample has been cleared, but since these are all samples that have already been identified, we can assume they either have been cleared or the parties involved are already aware of it. These are also samples that form the FOUNDATION of much of HipHop music and have been sampled repeatedly by many artists over the years, so basically, they’re no secret.

We also don’t pinpoint samples. We just post the original song as well as a few example songs that, may or may not, have sampled them. It’s up to the listener if they can spot the samples! 😉

Sampling itself is a controversial subject. Sample snitching is just as controversial. Here are some different thoughts and ideas on sampling, sample clearing and sample snitching: