Music Video Playlists

Old School HipHop, Freestyle & Electrofunk (1980’s)

Original Rap, Freestyle (music genre not rap style), Electro with some Soul, Disco & Funk. Mostly 80’s, some 70’s & some 90’s.

Classic HipHop, Funk & Soul (1990’s)

Classic 90’s Rap and R&B, 70’s & 80’s Soul and Funk, and then some…

Northern Soul, Punk & Reggae

soul, rhythm and blues, gospel, modern soul, madchester, mod revival, rave culture, disco, punk rock, garage rock, rock and roll, rockabilly, hard rock, pub rock, proto-punk, glam punk, mento, r&b, jazz, ska, rocksteady, roots reggae, lovers rock, etc.

HipHop Documentaries, Interviews & Rare Footage

Raggamuffin HipHop, Ragga Jungle & Classic Dancehall

+HipHop / Reggae MashUps…

Rap & HipHop 1985

This is what I listened to as a 12 year old in 1985. A very influential year for me and Rap music.

Rap & HipHop 1989

This is what I listened to as a 16 year old in 1989. Another very influential year for me and for Rap music.

Rap & HipHop 1993

This is what I listened to as a 20 year old in 1993. Yet another very influential year for me and for Rap music.


Mostly late 1980’s/1990’s/early 2000’s HipHop/Rap and R&B.


Starting with classic covers then easing into later collaborations and ending with some newer dancehall… (work in progress).

Global HipHop, Reggae, Soul

And then some…

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HipHop Foundations / Classic HipHop Breaks, Loops & Samples:

Dedicated to the foundations of HipHop music — breaks, loops, samples, crate digging, beat making, turntablism, funk, rock, soul, jazz & reggae: